The Spirit of the Samurai is a stop-motion style Metroidvania you can play next year

Soulslike and Metroidvania mash-up The Spirit of the Samurai has been unveiled at the Future Game Show Summer Showcase Powered by Intel.

Set to release next year for the PC and Atari VCS, the stylish and brutal 2D action-adventure game features stop-motion style animation throughout the gameplay alongside high-end CGI cinematics. 

Taking place in Feudal Japan, you’ll play as three characters throughout your journey; a samurai called Takeshi, a spirit named Kodama, or Chisai, the cat. They all come with unique gameplay mechanics to master, so you’ll want to change your strategy on the fly depending on who you’re controlling.

Throughout your Samurai adventure, you’ll journey through anything from small villages, forests, and mountains to large underground areas, caves, and dungeons to fight enemies and discover secrets. 

The journey to discover who you really are is frequently blocked by foes based on Japanese mythology – prepare to face an oni that embodies evil, an army of legendary creatures known as tengus, the undead, and a type of yokai known as Jorōgumo, which shapeshifts between forms of a spider and a beautiful woman.

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